Dental tourism

Croatia is today an extremely attractive travel destination for medical tourism. With high quality service and good prices it is recognized as a desirable destination for professional and specialized dental treatments.

The dental practice “Dr. Joso Niksic” was founded in 1991.

Through years of practice and continuing professional education we are in position to provide superb dental services, using the most modern materials and equipment.

We offer services in the following areas:

Prevention – At an early age we need to take care of our teeth. Healthy baby teeth allow normal growth and development of the jaw, and thus the absence of various irregularities. In later years the treatment of these irregularities is a lengthy and expensive process. Teeth play an important role in the formation of sounds, and speech defects are often the result of the diseased or missing teeth.

Conservative dentistry – If we failed to keep our teeth healthy, they need to be treated as soon as possible, which means they need fillings, which are made of the most modern aesthetic materials. Before you decide to extract a tooth, you should try to heal it. Our dental practice provides services for root canal cleaning and dental filling.

Periodontology – The tooth is not implanted in the bone, but has a supporting structure, which keeps it in the bone, and which is called the periodontal tissue. If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, your tooth begins to wobble and often has to be removed. But if it comes to a disease and periodontal degeneration which is called periodontitis, there are a number of periodontal-surgical procedures that can cure or halt the progression of the disease.

Prosthetics – A single, multiple or complete loss of teeth requires their replacement for the purpose of establishing a cosmetic, chewing and speech functions. This can be achieved by creating removable or fixed prosthetic appliances, or a combination of both. In our daily practice we use the most modern materials and techniques such as, metal ceramic crowns and bridges, zirconia ceramic crowns and bridges, dentures with metal base, wironit prosthesis, etc.

Implantology – Replacement of one or more teeth with implants. It is not necessary to modify healthy teeth. In a situation of total loss of teeth, the implants can be the carriers of various prosthetic constructions, especially where there was a large loss of bone. Surgery can improve the bone surface of the implant by adding artificial bones.

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