Location and excursions

The Island of Brac is the largest island in the region of Central Dalmatia, and the third largest Adriatic island. It is located across the city of Split on Dalmatian coast (12 km), next to the Islands of Hvar and Solta, and separated from the mainland by Brac Channel. Brac has a very comfortable Mediterranean climate with long dry and hot summers.

Supetar is the largest town and harbor on the island. Both Supetar and the Island of Brac have rich historic and cultural heritage, which can be traced through various ancient and medieval landmarks, sites, churches, museums and Roman relics. Supetar and its long sandy and pebble beaches surrounded by pine forest and Mediterranean plants have been an attractive holiday destination for centuries. The tradition of hospitable people and a variety of accommodation continues to this day. We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable relaxing holiday surrounded by crystal blue sea, beautiful beaches and bays, and completely unique nature.


What to see and do

Island of Brac offers some very attractive sights – you can visit Blaca Monastery, Dragon’s Cave, Art Gallery Branislav Deskovic, Dominican Monastery, large quarries where famous Brac building stone is excavated (stone was used in the construction of the White House in Washington), many local churches and basilicas, Roman ruins, farms and vineyards, enjoy local taverns and restaurants, or simply take a hike to the top of Vidova Gora, the highest peak of the island (778 m).

The guests of Brac and Supetar can enjoy their holidays in a variety of activities: sports, wellness, yacht charter, hiking, diving, day trips, gastronomic excursions, etc. You can also enjoy Supetarsko lito (Supetar Summer), a summer festival offering many cultural events (island folklore, culinary festival, film festival, music concerts, exhibitions, carnival, etc.).


One-day excursions

The resort is ideal starting point for those who wish to explore and experience different sights locally, on the nearby islands, Dalmatian coast or inland. Visit landmarks of Brac (Blaca Monastery, Dragon’s Cave, Dominican Monastery, stone quarries such as Skrip, etc.), or take a guided tour to other islands (Hvar, Korcula, Mljet), climb Vidova Gora (the highest peak on the island), visit ancient Dubrovnik or any other Dalmatian coastal town, Krka waterfalls, and many other locations. You can go on your own or take one of the many guided tours available.

IDI & VIDI unique Island tours

Have a selection of tours that will immerse you in the local traditions and living here on the island, from its culture, history, dinning and nature. They can take you for a walk back as early as the times of the Illyrians, to the Romans, Middle Ages and up to the present day. There are many of the islands secrets to uncover from its traditions in stone dressing, olive and wine estates, unique cuisine and history that are waiting for you to see.


Rent a Robert’s watersport and bike center

Offers a number of boat excursions to other islands and destinations tailored to your requests, boats for rent, water sports activities, bikes and bike tours over the island of Brač.


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